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Edelstahlseil 1.4401 7x7 ummantelt mit PVC weiß AISI 316 7x7 PVC-white
Product description
From €131.00 pro 100 m
Edelstahlseil 1.4401  7x7 Edelstahlseil 1.4401 7x7
Stainless steel rope, very nice
From €11.00 pro 100 m
Edelstahl-Schäkel gerade, V4A Stainless steel- shackle, straight dee, V4A
Quick to assemble and disassemble stainless steel shackle – V4A AISI 316 Rust-proof stainless steel construction with excellent corrosion resistance and therefore ideally suited for outdoor use The shackle is made of robust and...
From €5.70 für 10 Stück